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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are you a black-owned company? Yes

2. Where do your products come from? Currently, we have fulfillment partners all over the US and overseas (China). As our network grows, we will be partnering with other black-owned business owners, offering more products that ship within the US, as well as minimizing products coming from China.

3. How long will it take to receive my order? It depends on the item.  Some items will taken within 2 weeks.  The products from overseas can between 2-5 weeks. It usually doesn't take the entire 4-5 weeks but we ask that you allow that time for delivery. You will see notes about shipping in product descriptions. We try to use suppliers with the best shipping times.

4. Why did I only receive a part of my order? We have different fulfillment partners for items are delivered separately if coming from different suppliers. 

5. Can I do expedited shipping? There is a possibility to do expedited shipping but options are different based on the supplier.  Please contact us to see the rates for specific items. 

6. Can I customize a product? Depending on the product, we can customize it.  Just contact us.

7. What is the status of my order? You can check the status of your order and track it using your order number and email OR a tracking number HERE. If you have multiple items, shipped from different suppliers, you will see multiple shipments to track. Just click on each (ex. #1004-F1, #1004-F2).

8. Do you have a discount for first-time buyers? Yes, just join our email list and your discount will be sent to your email.

9. Do you have discounts for returning buyers? Yes, be sure to check your email for offers! Make sure our emails aren't sent to your Spam folder.  We send out emails to our email subscribers a few times a month.

10. I am a business owner. Can I sell my products on your website? Absolutely, we are all about supporting trustworthy and serious entrepreneurs.  Contact Us to express you interest and provide information about your products.  Apply and upload your products on SPOCKET for free. We charge a monthly fee of $25 to help contribute to promotional ads that we run. When we promote our shop, we are promoting your products as well.

11. Do you sell wholesale and can I resell your products? We will not knock anyone's hussle and depending on what you want we will sell wholesale and give you a discount based on how many items you need. 

12. Do you ship internationally? We can ship internationally on overseas items. We usually ship to all continents. Contact us for international shipping for specific items. 

13. Where are your CBD and Hemp products? Due to age restrictions on CBD/Hemp products, we have a separate website just for CBD.  Click/Tap HERE to go to the Night and Day CBD Hub.