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NEW Transparent Glasses Face Shield (Clear/Gray)


Clear Shield, Grayish sides.

Shipping: Please allow approximately 4-15 days for delivery.

- Made of high quality P.C material

-Easy to disassembly and assembly, can replace the protective cover.  Suitable for home, travel, laboratory and other places.
-Highly Transparent shield,double-sided anti-fog.  Protective film on both sides to prevent fogging on both sides.
-Fully transparent protective mask, anti-fog, anti-splash, isolation mask, full face protection.
-Effectively protect the kids entire face. Viruses enter the eyes through flying dust and saliva.
-The protective mask uses a highly transparent and environmentally friendly substrate with high definition and harmless to human health.
-Suitable for various head shapes.
-Anti splash,Shelter from wind and sand,Shielding droplets. One piece nose beam design, comfortable to wear.
-Widen the side wing of glasses to better protect the side wing from splashing.
-Can be sterilized at 120 ° high temperature.
It has high toughness and can withstand pressure and fall

*If you still feel that you need extra protection, your mask will fit nicely under this great shield.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kim younger
Love them

The best Protection money can buy

Wifey Golfer
Great added protection to a mask.

Fits like a glove, while allowing you to bend your head down.

Please consider a protective pouch to protect from scratches.

RashidaYah Shalom
Face shield

I like everything except for the the nose piece it easily comes out sometimes. It needs to be revamped so that it stay securely on the latch.

Thanks for your review Rashida! Because the nose piece is supposed to be removeable for those that wear glasses (even though I found that you can wear the shield and keep the nose piece on), this is sometimes a problem. Another customer reported that they've use a little crazy glue to keep it together and didn't have a problem again.

Katrina Owens

For starters,I would like to say,that these are the coolest face shields out there! I received so many compliments at my place of work.My only complaint is,that after a few days of wearing it,I started getting slight headaches.Wearing this faceshield, reminded me of those plastic headbands that I used to wear, and they would give me a headache.That was the only con,and that's just me! This probably didn't happen to everyone, just speaking for myself.I still would come back to support the business though,by purchasing other items.

Rhonda Brown

Lightweight yet provides great coverage and protection. I own 3 pairs now!

Hi Rhonda,
I'm glad that you're happy with your purchase! Thanks for taking the time to write a review!